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Life of a mutt (2020)

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1h 12min   |  Serbian   |  documentary | 2020 


Director: Tanja Brzakovic

Animator: Vuk Palibrk

DOP: Bosko Djordjevic, Aleksandar Kalezic, Tanja Brzakovic
Editior: Branka Pavlovic, Irena Domazetovic, Mina Nenadovic, Jelena Bosanac, Srdjan Mitrovic

Sound designer: Milos Drobnjakovic

​Composer: Janja Loncar




Produced by: TALAS FILM and Filmkraftwerk

Producer: Nebojsa Miljkovic


Supported by:


"Life of a mutt” tells true, intimate and authentic stories from the perspective of stray dogs. Combining documentary material with hand drawn animation and voice over, we are crossing between genres and forms of documentary, fiction and animation, giving our silent heroes a voice.The inspiration comes from ancient Indian, Russian, British stories. Combining seven scenes in one life story- from birth to a birth again, we witness their dignifying fight for survival. By talking about existential questions, such as the marginalized groups, nature and the environment, and highlighting esteemed values such as love, friendship and trust,



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