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Ibarska Highway (2019)

ibarska poster 100x70cm.jpg

12min   |  Serbian   |  experimental film | 2019


Author: Aleksandrija Ajduković 

DOP: Aleksandrija Ajduković

Editor: Miloš Korać 

Sound design: Miloš Drobnjaković

Composer: Luka Papić



Produced by: TALAS FILM 

Producer: Nebojša Miljković


Supported by:


Experimental film made in a play of the rhythm of a fast movement down the busy road and shifting images of the changing contexts, and the attempt of the photography to slow the pace to give the time back to the people’s lives and nature alongside, the richness and diversity which take time to be understood and often remain invisible or simplified if only perceived from the intense flow of the road.


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