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Life of a mutt

"Life of a mutt" tells the stories of stray dogs who face society in a profound state of empathetic, ecological and moral degeneration.

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About TALAS FILM Production

TALAS FILM is a production company from Belgrade, focused on producing high-quality documentary films. 

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The House

Tanja Brzakovic

After the heart attack, Jovan, a retired architect of Serbian origin who spent most of his life in Germany, refuses to give in to his daughter's pressure to spend the rest of his life in a nursing home. With his grandson Nikola, who has Asperger's syndrome and is living without social contacts, he travels to his village in Serbia to sell the family land, but becomes a part of a local population rebellion against the construction mafia that threatens to destroy everything what is left of his homeland.    

Coming Soon
Coming soon

Ten lost songs

While visiting city of Kikinda in Serbia, a young Norwegian guy from Narvik, meets joyful art gallery security guard. After spending time with him, he discovers that this man is actually a forgotten ex-Yugoslavian music legend.

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